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The Swamp is a large region between the Border Zone and the South Wetlands. There is low visibility compared to most other regions due to the areas fog and foliage density. The region is fertile for hemp and riceweed farming. It also has an abundance of copper and iron resources. It is home to the Swampers faction and various crime syndicates. The criminal gangs are: Hounds, Blackshifters ....

Leviathan Coast is found in the northwestern reaches of the map situated north of the Cannibal Plains, The Iron Trail and everything else on the eastern half of the continent. As the name implies, the Leviathans are common in this region, but also several other types of Fauna. Remnants of the old Second Empire can be seen in the entire region, with some of the ruins seemingly already scavenged ... Athletics and Swimming. Athletics and Swimming are trained in a very intuitive way. Athletics can be trained fastest by having a character's encumbrance percentage at or close to 0% and sending them running across the map. When at 0% encumbrance, characters will gain Athletics XP at 1.5 times their current level's XP rate.

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The Ancient Ruins is a non-faction used to represent some of the various ruins across the world. Generally they have several spiders (organic and robotic alike) as well as many security robots, and a fair amount of Research Artifacts and various tech loot. This faction has no Unique Characters. Blood Spider Broken Model 30 Broken Skeleton Security …A political map shows boundaries of countries, states, cities and counties. A physical map, while showing the information found on a political map, also shows landforms and the local terrain.Interactive Maps Special page Help Browse custom interactive maps inspired by a world featured in your favorite fandom. Explore and visualize locations, items, and more! Create Map Location map Last edited 17 July 2022 Community content is available under CC-BY-SA unless otherwise noted.

Ancient Locations are Locations which were most likely created before the fall of the previous civilization. Tech Hunters search for these locations to find ancient technologies. Theorizing about the creators of some of these locations can be found in …Relevant for Kenshi v1.0.9 I'm using Dark UI , you may have noticed it on screenshots. Materials used: original Kenshi map ( located in game's folder; Map with zone names from wikia page [] used as reference; Various textures located at "Kenshi\data\newland\land\", such as heightmap (fullmap.tif) and roadmap (new ...Catun is a Major Town controlled by the United Cities. It is located on a plateau in the middle of a valley in the Bonefields. It can be found by exploration or by acquiring and reading the Map of the United Cities (Extended Territories). Lord Shiro is the residing member of the Noble Circle for Catun. The town resembles a medieval fortress with a large number of Outpost s-IIIs acting as wall ... Well waystation is the closest shop. Then theres the nomad village which has a bar, then flats lagoon, and lastly shark. Mourn aint too far too. The problem with the flats lagoon region is that youre TOO close to the town. Like ligterally youll be less than a mile from it youll look like an extention of town more than your own base

All UC cities from great desert to Heng have slave shops, including slave farms, stone camps, Port North, Port South, and Eyesocket. As for southwest of map, just slave farm south and slave markets. This map could be good enough. I was wondering If there was a map detailing each place I could sell slaves too. If so, please tune me in!Players who are interested in growing and Crafting Items for trading should find this Guide to Building an Outpost helpful. Player Outposts can be built just outside of towns or deep in the wilderness. Different regions in Kenshi offer very different resources and dangers. Before starting an Outpost, players should consider what they want to build and where they want to build it. Be careful of ... ….

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Rebirth is a slave town where The Holy Nation sends corrupted beings so that they can become worthy enough to reincarnate as a Human, or otherwise the humans that have committed crimes against Okran and are sent here for punishment and repentance. Skeletons are not enslaved here, as The Holy Nation does not consider them to have a …Outpost s-IV. Outpost Type Tech allows the player to build Outpost Type structures, Outpost s-III and Outpost s-IV. This tech is not available with the Research Bench only: you must obtain Advanced Outpost Blueprints and use it to unlock this research tree. Categories. Community content is available under CC-BY-SA unless otherwise noted.All UC cities from great desert to Heng have slave shops, including slave farms, stone camps, Port North, Port South, and Eyesocket. As for southwest of map, just slave farm south and slave markets. This map could be good enough. I was wondering If there was a map detailing each place I could sell slaves too. If so, please tune me in!

Reavers are a faction of bandit-slavers who believe that they deserve to be in charge instead of the United Cities. They have the same trade culture as the Swampers. Members of this faction can colour armour and clothing due to a colour scheme attached. Unlike other factions who practice slavery, Reavers are unique in that they don't use them as civilian …Lore Books are various books and notes found throughout the world of Kenshi. They can range from historical research to ancient legends, from military reports to suicide letters. They are there to give the player information about the world and it's denizens, and even in some cases tips for how to survive in certain biomes. The Books category can be found here. Flotsam Safehouse Note Letter To ...Book is an item and the most common of the Research Artifacts in Kenshi. It is used at a Research Bench for researching various Technologies. Books can be purchased at Adventure Traders, Construction Traders, Hive Traders, Trade Goods Traders in nearly all settlements, as well as from Wandering Caravans. They can be looted frequently from …

transfer billing responsibility att *Warning Read This:The ingame editor is not meant to casually spawn things in. It is used for moddifying the game world (permanently if not careful), typical... h20wirelessmenard credit card A total world overhaul for Kenshi. New factions, New Locations, New textures, New models including buildings, armor, weapons, tools & items. We've updated almost every old city to have a new layout or have added to them to give them more definition in their own right. New mechanics and Old Mechanics touched upon. It is indeed, Kenshi 1.5. nipsco outage Walls also upgraded another one to a town, so in my opinion, it is the walls/gates and turret number that dictate the icon of an outpost, although I didn't pin down the exact number since I had to restart the game to have it take effect. 10 turrets is definitely the minimum. #6. Dynamiez Feb 21, 2021 @ 10:30pm. Nope.Base Assaults were an attack on the player's outpost where an army of a Faction raids the player's outpost to either attack the inhabitants or steal resources and items. It was introduced in version 0.60.0 . If there are no player characters in a base during an assault, then the invading group will wait outside until someone returns before ... nc education lottery livesoulsilver gymsebt card number ct Try heading north west from the hub, you'll find some in the reddish biome with the rain. Just be careful since Beakthings and Gorillos spawn there too. There is or was a waystation to the west south west across the river. Robotics shop with mid to high rate stuff. I play genesis and it vanished at some point.The World States system allows for the player's actions to have lasting consequences on the surrounding world. This affects mainly Town Overrides and the spawn rate of Homeless Spawns in Zones. The players can influence the world of Kenshi in a number of ways. The most prominent (and straightforward) is the killing or kidnapping of the leader(s) of factions. For a smaller faction (such as the ... pastor ronnell and lady burns Shem is a sandy oasis area with Beak Things and Bloodspiders, likely wandered in from the neighboring Venge. It is home to Nomads as well as Smugglers from the Grayflayers gang. Smugglers Bar is a location worth …Subscribe to downloadGenesis - Map. Subscribe. Description. Standalone mod with just the map from our overhaul. For people who just like our map. [] comcastbusiness loginisland of misfit toys decorationscookie clicker valentines Note: If you're unfamiliar with the world of Kenshi buying maps from an adventuring merchant isn't a bad idea either. Maps will mark locations you can explore on your map along with all of the different towns in the game. All equipment in Kenshi has a color coded rarity system that will tell you the quality of the item. There are a total of 6 ...The Shinobi Thieves act as fences and smugglers in the world of Kenshi. They are usually found in bars or residing inside Thief watchtowers within various cities. They can also be occassionally found roaming the wilderness. You can pay 10,000 cats to join their organization by talking to a Thief Boss standing outside of one of their watchtowers. Joining gives you access to their towers ...